Mock Up Templates

Download and print these templates before ordering to be sure you order the right parts for your system.
Our recommendation is to piece together the parts you need, print them, cut them out and use them to mock up your system.
Pay close attention to clearances, make certain all angles are correct, and determine the amount of hose you will need.

AutoPlumb Waterneck Adapters:

AP 1250-20 Adapter for 1.250"- 1.299" Waterneck

AP 1300-20 Adapter for 1.300"- 1.350" Waterneck

AP 1500-20 Adapter for 1.500"- 1.550" Waterneck

AP 1750-20 Adapter for 1.750"- 1.800" Waterneck

Thermostat Housings:

Straight for Chevy

Straight for Chevy LS

Straight for Ford 260-289W

45° for Chevy, Chevy LS, SB-Ford 260-289W

90° for Chevy SB, BB & BB-CHRY

90° for Chevy LS

90° for Ford 260-289W

Swivel for Ford BB & SB 302-351C

Hose Ends:

-20 Straight Hose End

-20 30° Degree Hose End

-20 45° Degree Hose End

-20 60° Degree Hose End

-20 90° Degree Hose End